Have you thought about why it is complicated to understand the concepts of older? Have you felt why the young generation is too much different from their ancestors? Of, course, a big generation gap exists due to the occurrence of technological devices. Although, technology has brought a big change in our lives and it has residential our practical life very easier and faster, yet, it has brought a big generation between the people.

Nowadays, people are closer to technological devices rather than their relatives and parents.
Basically, the generation gap is the difference of actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs between the human being. In the 21st century, the scientific method has changed the way of living as well as thinking. There is a big generation gap exist between the individual and society.
According to Wikipedia, “a generation gap is a difference of opinion between one generation and another regarding belief, politics or values. In today’s usage, generation gap refers to a perceived gap between younger people and their parents or grandparents.”Change in society is one of the most famous causes of a generation gap. In the 1800s, the society and its development were not fast and the lifestyles of the young and older people were the same. In the 21st century, the lifestyles of the individual are very different from their parents even each other.

Nowadays, a child can explain how to use advanced technology while an adult will spend his time in reading. Mobility of society has influenced the actions and behaviors of people. Through the use of advanced technology, getting access to information, contacting foreign people, and seeing every place is not difficult. People spent a lot of time on social media tools such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Customs and tradition are neglected by the young generation. Before discussing the generation gap, I would like to explain six generations that are living in the United State.

There are six generations in the united state.
1. The greatest generation is well known for its passionate, hard work and loyalty. The age of the greatest generation is 1901-1924.
2. The silent generation is best known for traditional and civic instincts.
3. Baby boomers are now beginning to retire.
4. Generation X was born 1965-1980 and depicts entrepreneurial.
5. Millennial is an older generation and had influenced the baby boomers
6. Generation Z has a digital connection with society. This generation spent more time alone and have noticed high rates of depression and anxiety.

Nowadays, technology has brought a big generation gap between people. It has completely changed the behavior and the culture of the people. New generation ideas, method and wishes are so different from their parents. We can divide the young generation into two groups. One group is Tweens and second is 8-12 years old.

The big generation gap is related to human passions and feeling. Approximately, 61 % of children have a television in their rooms and they spend a lot of time in it. 35% of children spend their free time in video games while 14% spend on a DVD player. According to modern research, 4 million people have their own cell phone and they know the world through their computers and cell phones. Due to arising of the technological device and web-based learning, children are very far from older younger and they don’t take an interest in physical activities. A four years child longs for electronic devices such as cell phones and video games rather than toys.