Kids of Bath’s resident writer, Chris Windle, gives us the low down on the best places to visit where the kids will be entertained while you enjoy a HOT drink…

Let’s face it, some days you just want the kids to entertain themselves while you switch off and enjoy a coffee, safe in the knowledge they won’t wander off into oncoming traffic or break anything expensive.

With that in mind here are five places you can let them roam relatively free while you relax with a flat white. As a responsible website we do suggest you keep half an eye on them – check they’re not petting any dangerous dogs, that sort of thing.

Neston Farm Shop

It’s got cookies, cakes, ice creams, nice coffee, massive breakfasts for those tricky morning-after-the-night-before times and, best of all, seating inside and outside that overlooks a fenced off play area that has a very strong tractor vibe.

It’s been known for some parents (possibly the one writing this) to get so lost in their newspaper, they fail to notice, until it’s too late, their young twins simultaneously performing al fresco wees on the aforementioned fence in full view of the entire café.

On top of all that, there’s a nature trail, pigs and a small area of woodland to wander around. An honourable mention should also go to Neston’s sister shop Hartley Farm Shop which is also ruddy lovely.


Holburne Museum café

Spend 10 minutes in the museum, pat yourself on the back for expanding your kids’ minds then stuff your face with cake.

There isn’t a secure perimeter here so you’ll need to have your wits about you a little more. But if the weather’s playing nicely, park yourself on an outside table and let your mini Picasso’s run wild in the surrounding trees.


Alice Park

An oldie but a goodie, Alice Park never lets you down. Grab your caffeine fix or an alcoholic ice lolly – the canniest way to have a lunchtime drink on the sly – from the park’s café, take a seat and release the hounds – sorry children – into the play area.

There are plenty of places to lounge within it if you need to stay close to your charges, including by a giant sandpit where you can watch them go to war over a spade. A bike track and loads of green space should keep older kids happy.



One for train lovers and beer drinkers. The Bath Ales pub backs right on to the tracks of Bath Spa train station and has an outdoor area where little ‘uns can watch the delayed 11.13am to Paddington roll in and shout TRAIN as loud as they can.

A high metal fence holds them back from the actual track, and the passengers. Best to get in for brunch before the serious drinkers arrive.


The Egg Café

One for a rainy day. Not only does The Egg Theatre’s kiddie-friendly café boast a play area slap-bang in the middle, its eggy shape provides the perfect racetrack for small ones to totter around and the easy wipe seating means nobody has to cry over a spilt babycino.