WOW! Sainsbury’s Green Park, here in Bath, has been renamed ‘Signsbury’s’ as part of an amazing initiative to make it more accessible to the profoundly deaf and hard of hearing.

Matt Herman tells us, “All of this started with Sam. Sam’s a profoundly deaf colleague at the Bath superstore who, as part of Sainsbury’s 150th birthday celebrations, wanted to volunteer his time to try and raise awareness for the deaf and heard of hearing community whilst helping the general public learn a little bit of BSL on the way. Over the past week, we’ve conducted training sessions for our colleagues where they’ve learnt several common words and phrases to help them interact with customers. Everyone’s been really committed to making the store as accessible as possible which is great!

There’ll be lots going on this weekend, from helpful screens being installed which demonstrate how to sign different words and phrases with the hope of encouraging customers to learn some new phrases in sign language, to children being able to Sign for a Snack: upon mastering how to sign basic words, they will be given a free fruit snack. Plus much more!”

We can’t wait to pop down and join in!! Huge congrats to Sainsbury’s Green Park for leading this initiative, and happy 150th birthday to Sainsbury’s everywhere!