Just before Christmas, we were lucky enough to visit the Rondo Theatre, a shiny little diamond of a performance space in Bath’s Larkhall. Have a look at their fantastic upcoming shows here. We went to watch Onwards and Upwards, a life-affirming show by INKBLOC Ensemble and we loved it! With their signature blend of storytelling, puppetry and beautiful live music, they bought girl-power and adventure to life! Here’s what Evie thought of the show…

Name: Evie Ahern

Age: 8 years old

What did you watch?

Onwards and Upwards

Where did you watch it?

The Rondo Theatre in Larkhall which is just up the road from my school!

What was the show about?

A girl called Luna who wanted to go to a Christmas party that a famous mender (someone who fixes things) was organising. But Luna is nervous as she has never been ‘Uptop’ before.

What did you most like about the show?

That they re-used/fixed things, they invented new things.

Who was your favourite character and why?

The girl that did the tour of ‘Downblow’ as I liked the song and dance at the beginning.

What bits made you laugh the most?

The Compass was quite a funny character!

Were there any scary moments?


Do you think your friends would like it and why?

Yes, because of the adventure. It made me want to be like them (Luna and the three famous women explorers) because they were nervous and then they did it; they were very brave!