Who else went to see Rocktopus rocking out at their amazing Christmas Party at Komedia this afternoon? Dad of Bath, Chris Windle took along Rosie, aged 9. Here’s her honest review…

Name: Rosie

Age: 9

What did you watch?

The Rocktopus Christmas Party

Where did you watch it?  

At Komedia in Bath

What was the show about?

It was about singing and having loads of fun! 2 funny men played the guitars and drums and sung lots of funny songs and the audience all joined in! Santa came on stage and dancers! There was face painting too and I got a seahorse painted on my face.

What did you most like about the show?

That they sung the song that my school made! Rocktopus came to my school a few weeks ago and we wrote a song with them and it was brilliant! And then they sung it to everyone at the party today! 

Who was your favourite character and why?

It was two men. I really liked them both. They were so good at music.

What bits made you laugh the most?

2 women came on stage dressed as grandmas, and then they took off their grandma clothes and they were wearing sparkly tops and leggings and they danced! 

Do you think your friends would like it and why?

Yes! They’d like it because it’s really fun.

What treats did you eat during the show?

I had a lemonade and we went to MacDonalds afterwards for chips!