This week the lovely Sophie Lintott explains to us the many reasons she loves our city….

Where you work?

I work 3 days a week for an International Media company and commute to London one of those days.

Where do you live and who do you live with?

I live in Larkhall with my husband and two children, a boy aged 3 and a girl 1.

When did you first move to Bath and why?

Just over a month ago so very new to the area! I grew up outside Bath on a farm but have been living in London for the last 13 years. Since having kids we both started yearning for fields, fresh air and a quieter life so we finally made the plunge in December and haven’t looked back yet.

What inspires you about Bath?

The stunning Georgian architecture, being surrounded by hills, the people (SO much friendlier than Londoners), the excellent selection of retail opportunities within scuttling distance of each other, the fact that I got offered a SHERRY when I went to have my nails done recently!

You need coffee, where do you go?

My fave so far is Ma Cuisine in Larkhall, very kid friendly, lovely people and delicious French fare at excellent prices. They do a great child-size hot chocolate too.  

You need something stronger, which bar do you prop up?

I always need something stronger yet am tragically to frequent many of Bath’s beautiful looking drinking holes! I did have a very pleasant glass or 3 at The King William the other evening, inside it’s as cosy as it looks from the outside and a fab selection of wines.

The babysitter’s booked, what’s your ideal night out in the city?

We had a very fun (and tasty) evening at Corkage on Walcot Street before Christmas. We literally had EVERY available plate washed down with some amazing wine.  

Where’s your favourite place to go with the family on a sunny day?

I like to get in the car and drive to the countryside (it’s the farmer’s daughter in me, I only feel truly at ease when surrounded by the pungent whiff of cow manure). There are some lovely walks where I grew up around the Chew Valley and recently we ventured further afield to Shear Water which was stunning.  

And on a rainy day?

We recently discovered the vast trampolining area at Bath Leisure Centre – hilarious fun for all the family (just wear a good bra!)

You’ve got an afternoon to go shopping, where do you splash the cash?

I will forever be faithful to Maze (it’s been there since I was just a girl and still full of great little pieces).

Tell us a secret…

Kensington Meadows – a little slice of green tranquillity behind Morrison’s. There’s a circular route with a riverside walk or you can venture a little further and take a slip road up to the canal path.