Gorgeous George, owner of Gees Knees Cleaning, which has been sparkling up Bath homes for 2 and a half years, gives us the inside scoop on the city he’s lived in and loved for his whole life…


George Eddy

Where do you live and who do you live with (partners, children, pets etc.)?

I live in Twerton with my partner Alex who is an amazing illustrator and works in My Small World. We don’t have human children BUT we do have two pets! Rosa our cocker spaniel who is my little helper at work, and our old lady cat Tilly, plus with my parents! Whilst we are currently saving to buy our own digs.

When did you first move to Bath and why?

Born and bred in the city of Bath, and will ALWAYS be here!

What inspires you about Bath?

Bath is such a creative quirky place to live, visit and stay! The main reason Bath inspires me is all the new people I meet through my work, hearing their reasons why they moved here and fell in love with the city in the exact way I have all my life.

You need coffee, where do you go?

Currently not a coffee lover (I know – disgraceful) but Darcy’s Café & Newsagents are my go-to for tea and hot coco! (white choc especially)

You need something stronger, which bar do you prop up?

Absolutely love Circo for their creative cocktails! The staff are so friendly and love their regulars (which is me!).

Where’s your favourite place to go on a sunny day?

My most most MOST favourite place to go on a sunny day with friends is Rainbow Woods in Combe Down. And not just on a sunny day either. We go all year round and love seeing how the place grows and changes throughout the year.

And on a rainy day?

To see all the little fur people at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, to give them some loving on a horrible day.

You’ve got an afternoon to go shopping, where do you splash the cash?

Well, some say I go shopping too much to be honest! I love a good bargain and will hunt one out everywhere I shop. I personally love going to the Pug And Puffin, Rossiters and T R Hayes. Charity shopping is fave of mine too! The term ‘shop till you drop’ goes with me very well.

Tell us a secret (a little known place, business or activity you love visiting or doing).

Sssh don’t tell anyone this… The Packhorse in South Stoke is an absolute gem, and has a great vibe as soon as your arrive. The area is beautiful and OH MY GOD the food is delish!

Thank you so much George! Fab answers! We love ya! xxx