A simple and beautiful mindfulness activity from Sal, primary school teacher and creator of Mindful Kin cards…

Practising mindfulness with children encourages them to explore and appreciate the world around them. Here’s a lovely sensory mindfulness activity which you can do with children from an early age.

  1. Collect a few empty glitter or food shakers/jars and fill with a range of different smelly objects. 
  2. Without your little one seeing, choose a shaker and ask them to close their eyes and give it a sniff! 
  3. Ask them to describe the smell and see if they can guess what it is.

You can make the activity more challenging by not showing any of the shakers at the beginning, so they have to blind guess the smell.

Babies, younger toddlers or non-verbal children enjoy smelling the different objects and playing with the shakers.

Tip: Leave the objects in the shakers a little while before doing the activity to really get the smells wafting!

Sal’s amazing Mindful Kin cards can be purchased on Etsy.