We love this gorgeous craft devised by Kate Woods Crafts, designed to send positive messages to the men, women & children in the care of the wonderful Julian House.

“Every day at Julian House we support and care for vulnerable men, women and children. Some have been forced to sleep rough, while others have been forced to flee their homes as a result of domestic abuse.

Life can be challenging for people in our care, especially during this uncertain time. But you can help us make a difference.

Help us by making a Garden of Hope and spread some positive messages to the men, women and children in our care. Take a picture and upload it on social media @JulianHouseUK so we can share them with people in our hostel and refuge.


Make a Garden of Hope



Task: Make a Garden of Hope and spread a message of hope to the men, women and children in our care.

You will need:

• Toilet rolls
• Cardboard (you can use an old cardboard box)
• Paints
• Coloured paper
• Pens
• Crayons
• Scissors
• Glue

1) Paint all your toilet rolls green and leave to dry.
2) Using your templates, draw around your flowers, leaves and flower label.
3) Cut out all your flowers and leaves (you may need to ask an adult to do this!)
4) Using all your lovely paint, pens and coloured paper start decorating your leaves and flowers! The brighter the better!
5) Once your flowers and leaves are dry, glue the leaves to the front and back of your toilet roll.
6) Next either glue your flowers to the front of your toilet roll or using your scissors cut a small slit on either side of the flowers and slot them into your toilet roll.
7) Finally write your message of hope on your flower label! Be strong! Be happy!

Download Your Flower Template here.



After creating your flowers, please considering making a small donation to our Emergency Fund to help keep our life saving services open. A big thank you to Kate Woods Crafts for helping us with this idea and developing and creating the flower template.”