Treasure Hunt Bath

What is Treasure Hunt Bath?

  • Treasure Hunt Bath is an outdoor walking adventure around the city centre.
  • Wannabe pirates follow beautiful maps and solve satisfying clues sent by mobile phone to complete the hunt.
  • It is a great way to have fun outdoors, do something different and reconnect with the city.
  • Treasure Hunt Bath is great for couples, friends and families with children over the age of seven.
  • We offer a ‘fun or your money back’ guarantee

Our game is perfect for having fun while practising responsible social distancing, because;

  • Our Treasure hunt around Bath is entirely outdoors
  • It is delivered through people’s mobile phones
  • People can practise social distancing while completing the Treasure Hunt and you can chat with each other through the app
  • You don’t need to touch anything or talk to anyone to answer the clues.