Are you coping with lockdown? Or struggling? If you need help, free lockdown support sessions are here for you with our wonderful friend Catherine…

“As lockdown drags on, we all will be feeling some strain. And for some the challenge may seem too much. Financial worries, relationship problems, lockdown blues… All while caring for kids and trying to give of our best. Cooped up in the house, we may feel we don’t even have space to think how we could be doing things differently, and feeling better.

As a Solution Focused counsellor, I know everyone has amazing personal strengths and resources that allow them to rise to challenges they have. All that’s needed is awareness of, and confidence in, those strengths and resources to handle your challenges positively and with belief. Helping you find awareness, confidence and belief is what Solution Focused Therapy is all about.

And that’s why I’d like to offer free Solution Focused lockdown support sessions to anyone who wants to improve their life in this time of challenge. In Solution Focused sessions you get the chance to explore solutions you want for problems you have, right from the very start. That’s why SFT is such an effective, short-term type of counselling, which can give you results you want within weeks. I’m offering free 60-minute sessions over the phone or on Zoom, up to a total of three. Many people will find they’ve got what they wanted after just one session or two. After any third session, further appointments are available at a price that’s affordable for each person, according to their situation.

If you’d like to read more about my Solution Focused work,do visit my website at Or, to discuss your situation and book your first free slot, call me on 07980 595440 or email I look forward to hearing from you – and seeing you find new hope, confidence and belief after your taste of amazing Solution Focused Therapy.