Wicked Weather Watch (WWW) are an incredible Bath-based charity that aim to inspire young people to care about climate change and global warming, and ultimately, to lead more sustainable lives. Vicky from WWW tells us more…

September is a key time in the calendar for those concerned about the health of our planet. NASA monitor Arctic sea ice minimum levels (one of the vital signs of how our planet is being impacted by climate change), and there’s also the imminent release of the most important climate science report of the year – the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report 2018. This is the guiding scientific document for what countries (there are 195 signed up) must do to limit the temperature increase to no more than 1.5°C.

The report has found that human-induced warming would exceed 1.5°C by about 2040 if emissions continue at their current level unless countries implement ‘rapid and far-reaching’ actions. Climate Scientist Dr Bill Hare said: ‘Two degrees warming and the tropical reefs have basically no chance – 1.5 degrees, they have a small to modest chance of survival’.

At WWW we talk to young people about the positive steps that are being taken (for example, the UK is leading the way with renewable energy) and help them to think about the small steps that each of us can take to have a more positive impact on our amazing planet.

Just before the summer holidays we delivered our first ever multi-schools event in Bath. This exciting event was hosted by the Royal High School Bath who opened their doors to a few primary schools in the region, enabling children to use the fabulous facilities at this fun, creative event which explored the question:

“Will the Arctic will still be a frozen kingdom in 2050?”

Children from years 3 and 4 explored the Arctic environment through street dance with Jukebox Collective; looked at melting Arctic sea ice with the giant Arctic Alive floor map; thought about carbon footprint and food miles with The Bertinet Kitchen; and listened to inspiring tales of Arctic and Antarctic adventure with WWW explorer Hazel Richards!

Before the children left they posted comments from the day on the life-sized cardboard polar bear:

“Today was epic…”

“Best day of my life!”

“I have enjoyed everything about today. THANK YOU!”

“How deadly but also beautiful the Arctic can be”

“I enjoyed finding out about the world and I loved the food”

To involve your school in an amazing day of wicked weather watching, contact Vicky on schools@wickedweatherwatch.org.uk or 07855 964625.