Name: Leah Allen

Where you work:

My degree is in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design, then I trained and worked as a Secondary school teacher of Product Design and Food Technology. Now a passionate, inspired, exhausted and sometimes slightly grumpy full-time mum.

Where do you live and who do you live with?

Bathwick, with husband Chris and children Scout (8), Lata (6), Monte (5) and Rocco (2).

When did you first move to Bath and why?

I first moved to Bath when I was about 6 and left to go to university at 19. I came back about 5 years ago because it’s such a great place to bring up kids, and the perfect city for them to ‘grow into’. It’s beautiful and liberal minded, the schools are amazing, it’s easy to navigate and it feels safe and welcoming.

What inspires you about Bath?

Everywhere you look there’s something new, something old, something beautiful and usually something a little bit surprising… you just have to look!

You need coffee, where do you go?

Phat Yaks Café. If you need caffeine and a friendly face, it hits the spot but if you also need teleportation to somewhere exotic (a necessity for all parents on occasion), the prayer flags do it for me every time. Rosario’s is also great for a quick shot of Italian chaos with your coffee.

You need something stronger, which bar do you prop up?

Brewed Boy (end of Walcot Street) – small but perfectly formed and great for craft IPA which is my new favourite thing.

The babysitter’s booked, what’s your ideal night out in the city?

I love all the ‘small plates’ type places that have sprung up… I could happily spend the night cruising from the Beckford Bottle Shop, to Corkage and then down to Pinxos, nibbling all the way.

Where’s your favourite place to go with the family on a sunny day?

We love cycling along the canal to The George in Bathampton.

And on a rainy day?

Anoraks on and Turtle Bay for lunch. The super friendly staff cheerfully entertain the kids with theatrically made mocktails, Snakes and Ladders and colouring in whilst Chris and I eat squid and drink beer. It’s a win-win situation.

You’ve got an afternoon to go shopping, where do you splash the cash?

Tina Engell Goldsmith studio and workshop, Lansdown Road. She’s such a creative and inspirational woman and displays her stunning handmade jewellery with her fascinating workshop in the background.

Tell us a secret

Avellino’s Italian café off the Cleveland Bridge. I used to go to cafes with my 2 girls but when the boys came along, it became impossible… there wasn’t a café in Bath that could contain their energy. In Avellino’s both Monte and Rocco will sit and eat cannoli whilst doing a tally chart of all the different vehicles that make their way between London Road and Warminster Road. You have to cheer when you see a tractor or a lorry full of cows!