Business: Hilton Health

Where are you based and what do you do?

I’m based in Timsbury and I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist.

What inspired you to start your business?

Exercise and good nutrition has always been important to me, but I decided to turn my passion for these things into a career after having my third child nearly six years ago. One of the main reasons I decided to do this was because exercise was one of the things that really kept me sane when my children were babies. I loved getting an hour at the gym where I was not on ‘mum duty’, and in which I got to do something that not only made my body fitter but that made me feel better mentally too. This had such a big impact on me that I decided to qualify as personal trainer in order that I may help other mums in Timsbury get the same benefits from exercise as I did, without even needing to leave the village. After qualifying I ran classes in Timsbury (and in other gyms in the area), and loved seeing the mums of the village enjoying their workouts, as I had always done.

The people who came to my classes and personal training sessions always worked really hard during the hour they were with me, but often felt frustrated that they weren’t reaching their wellbeing goals as quickly as they would like. This was largely down to their nutrition. It was for this reason that last spring I qualified as a nutritionist, so that I could not only help my clients increase their activity levels, but could now help them improve their nutrition as well.

What do you love about running a business in Bath?

We’re very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world. A big part of my work is to help my clients life their biggest life, which often means spending more time outside getting active either on their own, with friends old and new, or with their families. We have so many fabulous opportunities to get active around us, and I love knowing that I’m able to help my clients embrace all the fantastic places and facilities we have on our doorstep.

You’ve got five minutes to grab a sandwich, where do you go?

I live in Timsbury (a village about a 15-minute drive outside of Bath). We’re very lucky to have a fabulous cafe called ‘The Connies’ in our village  so that would be the place I would dash to grab lunch. Everything they serve is delicious and the owners are super friendly and welcoming too. I’ve spent many happy hours in there working, meeting friends, family, clients, having lunch with my husband and after school and during weekends and school holidays with my children. We’re very lucky to have it and if you ever find yourself passing through Timsbury I highly recommend detouring to check it out.

Where’s your favourite place to book for a business lunch?

Babington House, which I’m very fortunate to be a member of.

Which bar do you head to after a tough day?

A friend and I have been known to grab a cheeky G&T at ‘The Connies’ on a Friday.

Tell us about another Bath business you love and why?

Without question it’s CrossFit Bath. I’ve been a member of CrossFit for 3.5 years now and I love it. The owners/coaches work really hard to not only ensure that all members are pushed physically during each workout, but also to ensure that the “box” (the CrossFit name for a gym) has a great community. I’ve made so many great friends through CrossFit and during harder times in my life going to CrossFit has been a lifeline.

CrossFit can seem intimidating when you first look into it but all the workouts can be tailored to an individual’s needs, meaning everyone is able to take part and everyone is challenged within their own capability. I tend to go to the 9.30 weekday class which is for women only. A good number of the ladies who go have, like me, dashed from the school run, and leave to get on with the numerous tasks of the day. That hour that we spend there together allows us all to switch off from our “to do” list, spend time in the company of other awesome women, work hard, and have fun. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business in the city?

Know your market. From the outset be really clear about what you’re going to deliver and who you’re going to deliver it to.