Emma Savage, Grace & Ted

Where are you based and what do you do?

We are a designer re-sale shop based in the corner of beautiful Kingsmead Square. We specialise in selling pre-owned designer clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women; think Chanel, Gucci and Prada but at 50-70% off!

What inspired you to start your business?

Number 10 Kingsmead Square (where we are) has been re-selling clothes for over 40 years! Before my mum and I took it over it was called The Frock Exchange and we actually used to visit and shop there often. When we heard the owners were selling up we jumped at the chance to take it over! We love re-sale shopping and the thrill of finding things no one else will be wearing and mum was selling secondhand clothes at Walcot Street’s Cattle Market when she was in her 20’s so it seemed like a good fit!

What do you love about running a business in Bath?

The community of independent businesses. I have made so many great friends through the shop and it’s amazing to have a support network of other people who understand the pressures of running a business. I love the fact that (for the most part!) Bath’s independent business’s want to see each other thrive and we can all celebrate each other’s successes.


You’ve got five minutes to grab a sandwich, where do you go?

I love Thyme Deli on Westgate Street. One of the last remaining ‘proper sandwich places’ where you can get a whole lunch for less than a fiver; I highly recommend their roast dinner baguette – it’s life changing.

Where’s your favourite place to book for a business lunch or a meal/drink after a tough day?

We don’t really do business lunches (our lunch is usually eaten in the shop, either in the bathroom or crouched behind the desk/in the dog bed) and it’s tough to pick one favourite for dinner. We love Pinxto for small plates, Martini’s for proper Italian or Hudson for the best steaks in Bath.

Tell us about another Bath business you love and why?

There are so many! If I have to pick one though it would be The San Francisco Fudge Factory in Church Street, near Abbey Green. Maureen (a real life San Franciscan) has been running her little shop for over 20 years and is a total inspiration. She’s a great business owner, full of energy and enthusiasm even when times are tough. She looks after her staff, works with loads of local charities (but never shouts about it) and is passionate about Bath’s independent retail sector. The shop itself is a grotto even Willie Wonka would be jealous of – I recommend a visit for anyone with a sweet tooth!

What advice would you give to someone starting a business in the city?

Bath is tough – we’re seen as an “affluent city” but having a business here certainly isn’t a license to print money! It’s important to speak up about the issues that face Bath’s businesses; challenging those that have the power to make changes. Support your neighbours and always look for ways to work together because ultimately that’s how Bath’s business community will grow and thrive.