Here at Kids of Bath there’s nothing we like better than a hearty laugh, so when we heard that Gamarjobat: a Shut Up Comedy from Japan was on at Komedia we were first in the queue! Joshua, aged 8, gives us his honest review…

What did you most like about the show?

They were being really funny and made me laugh lots.

Who was your favourite character and why?

I like the guy with yellow hair he was funny and did silly things to the other man.

What bits made you laugh the most?

The robot dance when he couldn’t control his body and when he was cutting off his bum (little boy laughs here!).

Were there any scary moments?

(SPOILER!!!) I thought he was going to put a real sword in his mouth at first but then they showed it was fake.

Do you think your friends would like it and why?

Everyone would like it, it made me laugh so much and I think boys would especially love it.

What treats did you eat during the show? My mum bought me two packets of Kettle chips and wouldn’t let me have a diet coke!

Well it’s certainly a thumbs up from us (and from Blue Peter because yes these guys have a badge!). If you’re looking for a tummy tickling bonding experience then this is it! Laughs all round, we can’t wait until they are next back at Komedia Bath, we will let you know when!