Our gorgeous Laura takes us on her personal path to post-natal pilates…

Becoming a mother, I didn’t anticipate the journey I would go on.

I was a rookie finding her feet and it took ALL my energy figuring it out, I didn’t have family around so often felt overwhelmed and a level of exhaustion I’d never experienced.

Being an experienced Personal Trainer I understood the importance of physical health and mental well being being closely linked, so around 8 weeks postpartum I was feeling pretty meh and getting itchy feet. I wanted to get back into some kind of movement other than walking, but things didn’t feel the same once I’d given birth and I wondered how I was going to make this work.

Time to go to a gym by myself was a luxury I couldn’t afford, oh and I’d also just pushed an 8lb 4 human out my vagina and it was a tad fragile down there to say the least.

Hardly a recipe for a pounding intense gym session.

I was also nervous to leave her with a anyone, perhaps these are first time mum feelings but all I knew was that I needed to be with her.

I needed something different, something structured specifically for my now sore postnatal body, and a way of exercising that could include my little peanut.

I’d feel better about myself too if I could just regain some of my strength back. I felt weak after a long labour and needed stitches, I was chewed up spat out and I could’ve murdered the taxi driver for going over every single bloody pot hole as he drove me and my family home from hospital that day.

My plan of action was to fall back on my Prenatal & Post Pilates training. Armed with knowledge I knew I could get started at home BUT with an extra little helper by my side, my Isabel.

The first session was a shock but I was so pleased to be moving again and things did get easier each week.

As we engaged with each other during our weekly exercise sessions she began to smile (or laugh) at me. I could see my little girl was also enjoying herself, her blue eyes were bright as I sang nursery rhymes to her and she giggled when I tickled her toes.

We were bonding and I loved exercising with her. She helped me enjoy my training and to feel strong again.

Isabel is now 3 and I can’t quite believe the journey I’ve been on physically as well as mentally, she my biggest supporter and motivator.

This will be my third year in Bath and it is a privilege for me to teach my Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes. Some mums now returning with baby number 2 and nothing warms my heart more than sharing in these major life events with people who have become dear friends.

I want all mums to feel strong, re-energised and empowered to strengthen their body whilst supporting and nurturing their growing baby. These earlier stages do go so quickly and it’s a definitely a time to nourish yourself and cherish with them.

If you live in Bath City and have been considering some form of exercise pre-baby or after baby, perhaps Pilates and my classes could help you.

I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes

Laura & Peanut (Isabel) xx