This week the lovely Sarah Ball a.k.a. The Cafe Academic, also the lady in the know, takes us through the top movers and shakers rocking the West country insta-mama scene…

In need of a little inspo but cannot stand the furore of waffle clogging up your explore page? You’re not alone. Motherhood is so much more than late night feeds, health visitors and school runs, but when the coffee runs dry and the longest conversation you’ve had all day was with someone under the age of five, we might need a little reminding. This gaggle of savvy mamas manage style and substance, all with a beautiful brood in tow. Prepare for a dose of lifestyle inspiration from real women in Somerset.

Gal about town, mum of two, sass incarnate. Sarah knows Bath like the back of her perfectly manicured hand. One half of @troublelounge run with work wife @l.i.p_kate, Sarah can often be found with a cocktail in one hand and an inflatable flamingo in the other.


Nobody does night-time style like Sophie Woodrow, founder of @sleepydoe_bath. As well as showcasing her organic cotton sleepwear for mother and child, her profile is full of soft inspiration to soothe tired eyes as well as whimsical weekend trips to the coast with her husband and daughter.


The mastermind behind Bath’s insta blog for mums in the know, Shaks knows the best hotpots for family friendly escapades about Bath. Her daughters are two beautiful girls with curls to die for, who often make an appearance showcasing just how fabulous Bath can be for little ones. Events, local news and soirees for grown ups, you heard it first from @bathmums.


Having recently given birth to her third child, Hels shows no slowing down with the next issue of her magazine Lion Heart. She celebrates the very best of motherhood, womanhood and creativity whilst oozing laid back Somerset country living style.


There’s enough show-pony mama nonsense on Instagram to last a lifetime. Abigail’s Bristol based blog is the perfect balance of stunning snaps and real life parenting to give you that warm fuzzy feeling and bring a smile to your face. Her instagram is a perfectly curated edit of her family photography @abigailoliverphotography and stories of her life with two beautiful boys. Capturing those moments we all love to cherish with our own, every image is a snapshot into the life an admirable mama with incredible creative talent.


Peak into the life of @jessicaparkhouse and catch a glimpse of the glamour behind @thefmlystore in Bruton. If you’ve heard of their sought after mama friendly events, Jess probably had something to do with it. Her honest approach to motherhood and body confidence gives you a gut full of “girl power” with every post. Fab style and serious fringe envy too!


We’ve all had one of those days, probably one hell of a week at times too. Mental health is no joke and taking care of yourself can often be forgotten when little ones take up all of our days. Lauren (@lauren.woman) and her team of talented mental health advocates put together seminars to pull back the curtain on issues concerning wellbeing and children. Tirelessly working to connect resources and services out there to help with those who need it, I cannot applaud these guys enough for the stigma squashing, conversation starting seminars they’re hosting across the country.


If you’ve ever fancied spending a day in Bristol, you’ll need a few tips from local lovely @leilaa81. With one finger firmly on the pulse of the city and another snapping shots of Bristol’s finest vistas, her profile is a scrollathon of the city’s nightlife, creative culture and Beyonce dance workshops. What’s not to love?!