Our beautiful collaborator, Doula Shell, is bringing her maternal journaling course the Fox and Kit cafe this January. It sounds absolutely perfect….

Creative Maternal Journaling Evenings have come from a culmination of my passion for supporting women as a doula and my forever artistic thinking.

Art is a great form of communication, revealing memories and feelings that we can’t and don’t always want to put into words. Finding a way of expressing yourself, however private or public, is really importantJournaling has proven benefits, especially around pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.  It can not only reduce stress and improve mental health, it is thought to reduce your heart rate too.

We all need some time out of our busy lives to reflect, express, share and to be amongst other wonderfully inspiring women going through their motherhood journeys, in a non judgemental space. This group offers that in abundance whilst getting stuck into a sketchbook with paints, pens, stencils, collage, pencils and more.

Creative Maternal Journal Evenings are for all women. Whether you are pregnant, in the early days of motherhood, a year down the line (still the fourth trimester in my opinion) or a few years into the depths of family life first, second or third time round.

Women have such a unique story to tell during this time.

You most definitely do not have to be an artist, have done art GSCE or even be able to draw a stick man. Art, especially when journaling, does not have to be pretty, colourful or carefully planned.  It is as raw, honest and spontaneous as birth itself.

I am really excited to see where these gatherings can take us.

Please email me at michelle@doulashell.co.uk to book a place, joining me for tea, exploration, creativity, nurture and probably cake, in fact definitely cake.

The group will run over 6 sessions on Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm in Fairfield Park, Bath, starting on 8th January 2019. All materials are supplied, including a beautiful sketchbook. Places are limited to keep the group small, personal and nurturing, and costs £60.