This month we step inside Bath’s very own treasure trove shop Magalleria. Run by Susan and Daniel, it’s full to the brim of beautiful magazines…

Business Name: Magalleria

Where are you based and what do you do?

We’re based near the top of Broad Street where we sell over 1,200 mostly independent magazines to people around the world.

What inspired you to start your business?

When we came across magazines such as The Plant, The Gentlewoman, Four & Sons , Lunch Lady and Delayed Gratification we could see they were very different to the magazines in supermarkets and high street newsagents, but they were almost impossible to get hold of. So we opened a store dedicated to them.

What do you love about running a business in Bath?

Bath draws a very wide range of customers – locals, students and tourists. We meet so many interesting, creative and just ‘interested in magazines’ type-people. It’s also quite a backdrop for publicity/social media.

You’ve got five minutes to grab a sandwich, where do you go?

Rice and dahl from Harvest for Susan. Daniel’s a fussy eater who likes to pack his own.

Where’s your favorite place to book for a business lunch?

We don’t really do business lunches that often, but the Loft is great for a long, relaxed meeting over food.

Which bar do you head to after a tough day?

The Star Inn!

Tell us about another Bath business you love and why?

We’re good friends with The Society Café and Acorn (we’re not even vegetarians) who’ve been very supportive from the start, as have many others too numerous to mention.

What advice would you give to someone starting a business in the city?

Do your research and try to have a new idea if you can – it’s tough to compete with hordes of other businesses offering the same thing, and even harder if it’s a product or service nobody really needs. Bath is a small city that draws people from all over the world and you have the chance to get your fresh idea in front of a very broad audience.

Find Magellaria at 22a Broad Street, Bath, BA1 5LN / 01225 471586 or 07810778758 /

Autumn hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5.30pm

Children and Dogs Welcome!!