Lyndsey Henderson; self confessed neighbourhood nosey parker and curtain twitcher gives us some amazing top tips for brightening up your day during lockdown!
Lockdown is serious! And as the Government announce another 3 weeks maybe you need a few ideas or inspiration on ways to stay connected and spread some kindness…whilst following all the required guidelines to keep safe.
The Neighbourhood BOS Awards – Best On Show
During your permitted once a day exercise outing take a walk around your local areas and award “Best On Show” certificates to whatever categories you might enjoy. My favourites are Best Tulip, Best Front Garden Tree, Best Overall Front Garden. It is a bit like taking part in your very own Chelsea Flower Show but you stay local and celebrate the fabulous gardeners in your neighbourhood.
Variation on game:House I would most like to live in” or “Favourite House on this street”.
Whose Door is it anyway?
This game was passed to me by a neighbour to help feel connected to your friends who are all safely behind doors, like cats who occasionally poke out their heads to look up and down the street before returning to the sofa. You need a group of consenting friends and a WhatsApp group or the like. During your daily exercise you walk to houses of your friends and take obscure photos of their front door then post online to see who gets the right person/house identified quickest.
Variation on game: Can be extended into Best on Show with categories like most popular colour, best knockers, house I would like to live in.
Teddy Bear Location Location Location
So when the boredom really hits try moving your displayed teddy bear for the national Bear Hunt game, around. If you have not heard or seen this it is basically putting a teddy bear in a window of your house so others can walk by and spot it. The more amusing the location the better! Ours is currently in the drivers seat of the car, a genius way to finally get that 6ft bear that santa thought was “funny” out the house.
Variation on game: I have heard of joke of the day written up on a board outside a house changing each day.
Support Your Local Businesses with a Mass Order
There is something heart warming and relationship building about clubbing together with neighbours to put in large orders to local businesses. A shared virtually shopping experience with a feel good factor to support those in our community who run a business and need all the financial input they can get.
If you need few suggestions look at these ones which have been personally tried and tested:
  1. Nursery plants/seeds/compost Downside Nurseries
  2. Marshfield Ice Cream Marshfield Ice-cream
  3. Alex Greek Cooking
  4. Wood Stove Pizza at The Old bakery at Woads Corner
Variation on game: make it a mass neighbourhood support effort for charity – who has not been inspired by Captain Tom! A neighbour is currently planning a curry night for charity to support Action for ME. Another is doing “Hoops for Heroes” and aiming to get 10’000 basket ball hoops.
Finally, wash your hands, put on your gloves and face mask to go out in but mainly, if you can, stay home and enjoy a new pace of life.