Doesn’t time fly when kids are having fun?!! At least it does with our lot! We get the low down on new Bath based business ‘Time Flies for Kids!’ 

When Jill Murphy and Lucy Taylor met at their local NCT group whilst pregnant with their first children, little did they know that their new friendship would develop into an exciting business venture.

Eight years on, these local mums have just launched their own business, Time Flies for Kids; a company created to help out parents like themselves. Parents who want to share adventures with their children and continue to travel as a family without having to worry about the long hours in confined spaces.

Time Flies for Kids designs and makes travel activity packs for children aged 5+.  Everything in the packs has been carefully designed or chosen by Jill and Lucy to make them ideal for travel.  Their experience as parents has meant that many ideas have been rejected and adapted along the way and the packs have been tested in real life situations (and of course scientifically – everything is CE tested for safety).

Being environmentally minded, the duo have also made sure that the packs have been created to make as small an impact on the planet as possible; making sure that the total packs and their contents are either recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.

If you want to find out more then visit