Rainforest Concern, located in Bath, is a Registered Charity in the UK, established to protect threatened natural forest habitats and the biodiversity they contain, together with the indigenous people who still depend on them for survival. In its 26-year history the charity has successfully legally protected over 2.2 million hectares of threatened forest habitats. Rainforest Concern has worked in 13 countries: Panama, Brazil, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Belize, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, India and Romania.

Rainforest Concern is also committed to educating future generations about the importance of rainforests and conserving biodiversity. So, whilst schools have been shut in the UK, we have taken the opportunity to update some of our school resources. We have created a new set of worksheets for children that we hope will make learning about the rainforest fun and help children develop problem solving, creativity and writing skills. Download them from the Rainforest Concern website here.

See here how you can help rainforests and if you or your school would like to fundraise for Rainforest Concern, we would love to hear from you: info@rainforestconcern.org