You may have seen Original Wild blissfully gliding down the River Avon, so we sent our Kids of Bath Dad to get the low down for us!

Where did you go and what did you do?  

Started at Original Wild riverside HQ, in the shadow of the lovely Victoria Bridge (engineer nerd! J), which is easily accessed on foot from the city center, and perfect for a quick espresso at nearby Coffee#1. Received useful instruction and loaned good quality paddleboard and splash jacket, before venturing up river past the sights and sounds of waterside Bath. Outward journey ended at the weir with some commemorative group snaps, returning to riverside HQ in time for tea. Trip was just shy of 2 hrs all in.

Is it kid friendly?

Supposedly suitable for kids aged 8 and above. I could imagine my daughter (8) possibly struggling with the river current on the outward / upstream journey but Original Wild have thought of everything and dual parent / kid options may be more appropriate in that instance. Definitely ideal however for slightly older kids. The young girl leading our little armada (from start to finish) was 10-12yrs of age approx., putting us all to shame!!

What was your favourite bit?

Three bits really: 1. Being up close and personal with the weir (did I say I was an engineer?!). 2. Feet up floating down river with the warm evening sun in your face. 3. Playing chicken with the swans!

Would you go back or recommend it to your friends?

Definitely. Looking at arranging a works do for late May?!

Thanks so much to Jon for his honest review, it certainly was a double thumbs up from him! If you’d like to find out more about Original Wild and what they can offer families then head over to their website.