Lovely resident Mum and contributor talks swords, magic and tales of friendship in her family review of “The Kid Who Would Be King”…. (catch the last viewings of it this weekend at the Odeon!).

A film review by Ethan (9), Scarlett (7) and Mum (39).

As a lover of castles I wanted to go and watch this film on the big screen so as a birthday treat my 9 year old said he would pay! It has been reported to have been a massive box office flop but you cannot believe everything you read, right?! It was actually totally awesome and well worth a watch for that wholesome feel good factor only a kids film can bring.

What was the film about? 

E: it had lots of sword fighting and magic as well as demons.

S: a kid that finds a sword.

M: a modern take on a classic tale with kids taking the heroic lead. A story about the power of friendship and having a code of honour.

How did you feel after watching it? 

E: happy.

S: I don’t know.

M: elated about the future.

Would you recommend to others?

E: yes. Because it had a lot of action.

S: definitely.

M: yes, definitely.

Who was was your favourite character?

E: Alexander. He was very confident.

S: Alexander because he was quite brave and he pulled the sword out when other people could not.

M: Morgana, she was properly scary and no doubt will leave a lasting impression. Merlin was also ace and the magic wonderfully done.

Were there any scary bits? 

E: Not to me but some bits might be scary to my friends.

S: yes.

M: yes and at points I thought is this really a PG! (it is, I am easily scared).

Who would enjoy this film ? 

E: people who like dark scenes

S: people who like fighting with swords

M: All kids would enjoy this and parents too.

Do you think seeing it on a big screen made it better? 

E: not particularly

S: no

M: Yes. The battle scenes and atmosphere were enhanced by the big screen.

Who was you least favourite character? And why? 

E: the head mistress, because she had a very annoying face.

S: that creepy person who had roots and stuff coming out of her hair

M: Lance because I hate bullies.

Did you think the story was believable? 

E: not particularly but the scenes look very realistic.

S: yes it could really happen.

M: It was very well done and yes I think we all got lost in the story.

What was your favourite part of the film? 

E: the end when the school was under siege.

S: when the school army started to fight

M: when Merlin did his magic moves.

What rating out of 5 stars? 

E: I give it five out of five.

S: 1000.

M: 5 star. It was a brilliant kids feel good film.

Thank you to the gang for reviewing the film for Kids of Bath! We definitely think a trip to the cinema is in order now!