Better Extreme in Bath very kindly #gifted us a session at their trampoline park! Here’s Rosie’s verdict on our time spent bouncing and boinging…

Your name & age: Rosie, age 10

Where did you go and what did you do?

We went to the Bath Leisure Centre and we went trampolining with our friends. There were 5 of us, plus mummy and daddy. We’re aged 9, 9, 5, 5 and 5!

Is it kid friendly?

Yes! We had so much fun!

What was your favourite bit?

Being able to do anything we like in the trampoline park! Being able to go on all of the equipment! There was a huge arm that spun round that you had to jump over, a basketball hoop that you had to try and shoot balls in to while you were jumping, a dodge ball bit, and a swing where you dropped into a foam pit, and a big area just full of trampolines, even on the walls!

Would you go back or recommend it to your friends?

Yes definitely! We can’t wait to go again and my brother’s want to have their next birthday party in there!

Thank you so much Better Extreme! For all the info, including pricing and booking, please have a look here.