A huge thank you to the wonderful Jac for taking the time to answer our People of Bath Q&A! These are some of our most favourite answers ever!! 

Name: Jac Popay

Personal description:

Jac has lived in Bath for the last 50 years. You may have met her at the Roman Baths where she plays Lady Flavia or a washer woman (employed by The Natural Theatre Company).  She also works with Swainswick Explorers in their holiday and after school clubs, sharing her creative skills like sewing, knitting, pancake making and entertaining children and adults alike with her funny character voices! 

Where do you live and who do you live with?

I live in Upper Swainswick with my partner who was a prop maker but he’s now in a wheelchair so he finds it a bit difficult. 

When did you first move to Bath and why?

In 1972 to join Bath Arts Workshop which was an arts lab on Walcot Street and I came to be the secretary….. but I never became the secretary! I ended up opening an adventure playground by the Fire Station, and then it eventually became a theatre company and that was a very long journey around the world – dressing up and being characters, and entertaining kings and paupers throughout the world.

What inspires you about Bath?

Originally its beauty. I was shocked when I first arrived and saw all the pale stone buildings. I remember the first day in Bath, looking at the details, like every letterbox.  As the years go by you stop looking up and appreciating it as you get used to the beauty. 

You need coffee, where do you go?

This is an interesting thing as I very rarely drink coffee out, but if I did it would probably be Waitrose if I was out with a friend. 

You need something stronger, which bar do you prop up?

That is also interesting as I am now a recovering alcoholic so I would probably go for a lime and soda at The Bell and listen to some music. 

Where’s your favourite place to go on a sunny day

Parade Gardens or a nice walk down the canal. 

And on a rainy day?

Same! Or the Botanical Gardens or I’d go and visit a gallery, the Holburne Museum or the Victoria Art Gallery

You’ve got an afternoon to go shopping, where do you splash the cash?

Charity shops. I do like poggling around the market (Walcot Street) and I love looking at the new ribbon shop, the newly opened VV Rouleaux at the top of Milsom Street.

Tell us a secret (a little known place, business or activity you love visiting or doing)

Going into churches and looking at stained glass windows. Love it! St John’s is very good down by the station, that’s a nice place to go if you want to be quiet on a busy day and Bathwick St Mary’s has got beautiful windows. Handy tip! It’ll be crowded now!