This week the spotlight is on the gorge Lyndsey Henderson, Mum, business manager and wordsmith (she’s penned a few amazing articles for us just because she wanted to and we love her for it!)…

Personal description: 5’6” – I feel like a tall person mainly due to having several shorter friends in my formative years. Brown hair that is not chemically coloured. I am waiting for the grey to come and am very grateful and ok bit boastful to say only 1 has appeared to date (a sure way to get more to suddenly appear!). I feel I would also like to add sparkling blue eye and GSOH but now feels like a dating application.

Where you work… I work from home and run a business providing domestic cleaners across all the Bristol postcodes. I often describe it as a cross between air traffic control and dating/ match making with a lot of plate spinning. I love working from home and cleaning is such a hilarious area to work in.

Where do you live and who do you live with? I live up one of the hills in Bath with my husband and 2 children in a rather nice house that I like a lot. Many cuddly toys also live here and an imaginary family called the ABC’s.

When did you first move to Bath and why? 2009, the day I discovered I was pregnant and thus could do no heavy lifting. The why was because it is close to family, where my partner grew up and oh so pretty. I was born in Wales, grew up in Scarborough then slowly moved my way down the country with Uni at Loughborough, first job in Winchester, my swanking years in London, a stint across the pond in the US of A then landed most happily in Bath were I have lived for the longest now and call home!

What inspires you about Bath? The light. I am always going on about how the light is magical here. In the North East you get such different light.

You need coffee, where do you go? To my kitchen or a friends house – why do all my friends have such amazing high end coffee machines! If I need to go buy coffee then 3 cafe by Sainburys in Odd Down is a favourite. I love the fresh scones and coffee, plus I know it is helping getting an under-utilised section of society into meaningful jobs so win win.

You need something stronger, which bar do you prop up? I am going to show my total lack of cool now and say I could not even remember the last time I drank alcohol in a bar. I did have a memorable gin cocktail in a teapot in the gin bar a few years ago.

The babysitter’s booked, what’s your ideal night out in the city? Castle Farm for something delightful to nibble and engaging to listen to and discuss.

Where’s your favourite place to go with the family on a sunny day? Castle hunting (check out Lyndsey’s fab article she wrote for us!!)

And on a rainy day? Castle hunting – they are awesome rain or shine.

You’ve got an afternoon to go shopping, where do you splash the cash? Mercy in Action charity shops. They have such cool and quality items it seems odd to go to mainstream shops to me.

Tell us a secret…  Well as this is Kids of Bath I would have to say a trip to Wiltshire Scrapstore which is just up the hill from Lacock National Trust. Lots of people think it is just for schools and charities but anyone can go. They have a lovely cafe and host workshops. I just love the endless crafting possibilities. For the Bath option I would say a Sunday morning trip to the Roman Baths. It opens early for a Sunday before anywhere else and is often deserted at this time and perfect for using the Discovery Card to er Discovery Bath! Shhhhhhh!