Another beautiful craft from the ever-so-clever Kate Woods….

I don’t know about you, but my youngest has to have every light on when she goes to bed! With this handy craft we have managed to reduce the light usage at night because she is in love with her little cottage (or mini flat as she likes to call it!)!

You will need:

3 x pieces of card all the same size square (10x10cm)

1 x large piece of card (Base) (14x14cm)

2 pieces of card (Roof) (10x14cm)



Coloured card

Glue gun

Scissors and craft knife

Glue stick


  1. Cut out all your windows and doors using a craft knife on all 3 pieces of the 10x10cm
  2. Now paint them in any glorious colour you choose (wait to dry)
  3. Paint your base (wait to dry)
  4. Using your pens add all the lovely detail – brick work, shrubbery, cat…. The list goes on!
  5. With your coloured card, cut out the tiles for your roof and glue on to the card.
  6. Once all dry get the old glue gun out and start to assemble your masterpiece. Firstly glue all 3 10x10cm cards into a u shape. Then, once dry glue (house) to the base and then (this bit is tricky) glue your roof to the top of the 10x10cm u shape.
  7. Use a little battery night light, pop inside and you have your very own night light house!