We’re feeling ready here at Kids of Bath with our top 10 tips for festivalling with the kids! Kids of Bath are hitting up Gilcombe Farm for this year’s Shindig festival and we simply can’t wait…. Take a look at what’s on our list for essentials to pack whilst the kids are in tow…


  1. Let’s face it kids aren’t going to wash – use biodegradable wet wipes to get the sticky ice-cream marks off them et viola! A semi clean child!
  2. Clothes that stand out – the wackier the better so you can spot yours in a crowd… this year’s theme at Shindig is get Get Fruity, so think pineapples, watermelons, and bright colours!
  3. DIY Face paints and bio degradable glitter are a must! Firstly, you can provide hours of amusement actaully doing the face paints yourself (great family bonding time!) and secondly there will be no nagging to get it done! Better get practicing!
  4. Glow sticks and bracelets are also a favourite here at Kids of Bath!! Don’t worry about not being able to see your little ones in the dark, if they’re wearing a whole load of these then you’ll be able to spot them a mile off!
  5. Bracelets with your name and number are always a good call, Shindig actually provide these when you enter the festival with a big sharpy marker pen for added measure. We also suggest writing your name AND phone number on their clothing- we can’t vouch for the odd jumper or two not getting lost but at least your child won’t! 
  6. A garden cart or some mode of transport is a good idea if you’ve got people with little legs! No more complaining when they’re tired plus they can always have 50 winks if needs be! Remember if you are bringing a pushchair then our advice is to bring a 3 wheeler as it will be better on the terrain and easier for you but also make sure it can be visible at night, battery powered fairy lights are always useful!
  7. Socks, lots of socks!!!!
  8. Pop a memorable flag on your tent so that the kids can always find you easily if they wander a bit too far away! One great idea is to make something with the kids before you go away, plus they will always remember what it looks like if they asked to explain where they are camping; the tent with the  ‘pirate, flamingo, sparkly glitter flag thingy’ on it!
  9. Snacks – don’t get carried away with taking loads of food with you but make sure you’ve got lots of things like fruit, cereal bars and rice cakes on you (plus chocolate but think we will keep on to that!), for some reason our kids always seem to be hungry!
  10. Warm clean clothes, blankets and more snacks for the car journey home! Let’s face it, everyone is going to be pretty exhausted after having so much fun! So to make life easier pack an ‘after bag’ that is left in the car while you are at the festival! Pop things in it to make the journey home comfortable and so that you don’t have to unpack anything from the car just to find that one nappy you need!!

Well that’s it folks! Hope we’ve made life a little easier for you ahead of your festival frolicking this year! Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list – if you want one of those then head to the Shindig website where the fabulous Vics has put together this year’s Shindig Family Guide! Happy Camping!

P.S. Last tip: Let the children know what the people who work at the festival are wearing and what to do if they get lost. Shindig crew will be wearing yellow hi – vis jackets and have radios on them, and there is a designated lost children’s area within the Kid’s Kingdom that they can head to if they can’t find you. A top tip is to take a photo every morning of what your child is wearing that way you can easily explain to the Shindig team what your child looks like and what they are wearing.