Did you know that children school children aged between 4 and 14 lose, on average, seven weeks’ worth of knowledge retention in maths and English over the summer holidays? UK-wide that’s 70 million learning hours lost each year due to ‘summer learning loss’.

Parents will be pleased to learn help is at hand in the form of digital learning company Doodle and their range of educational apps – DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish, DoodleSpell and DoodleTables. Pupils using Doodle’s apps for 20 minutes per week over the summer holiday are four times less likely to suffer learning loss than those who don’t… and they can back this up with science – A study conducted by Doodle and academics at Bath University has revealed that educational apps can help prevent summer learning loss.

Nicola Chilman, Founder, Doodle says: “There’s still time for children to get involved with this year’s Summer Challenge meaning they’ll be in a great position to start learning again when they return to school in September.  All they need to do is earn 750 stars and a 14-day ‘streak’ over the summer holiday.  Children who complete the challenge receive a congratulatory certificate and pin badge.”

The Summer Challenge is designed for children to combat summer learning loss through short bursts of regular engagement with Doodle’s DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish apps throughout the holidays.

Doodle has created four educational apps – DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish, DoodleSpell and DoodleTables – using in-built intelligence and algorithms to construct work programmes unique to each child.  Based on a child’s individual level, strengths and weaknesses they target a learner’s Zone of Proximal Development – the narrow band between what a learner can do with and without help – and continually adapt to set work at just the right level for them.

Nicola Chilman continues: “We’ve been inundated with entrants for this year’s Summer Challenge – our busiest year yet.  Our apps are designed to make learning fun so parents can rest assured their children are exercising their grey matter without it taking up huge chunks of precious summer holiday.”

All Doodle apps cover the national curriculum for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and contain thousands of questions and explanations to aid children’s understanding.  These questions work alongside powerful technology to take every child on a learning journey that gradually becomes more difficult as they progress, in a manner that is imperceptible to the child.

For more information on this year’s Summer Challenge and how to download the apps visit: