NOW LIVE!!! It’s the INCREDERS Will Streetwise bringing a classic disco wedding set!!! Exclusive to the Kids of Bath lockdown fest!! Fill up those glasses party diamonds, let’s get DANCINNNNN!!!! Ps. YouTube didn’t want us to include 1999 by Prince in this, so there might be a tiny glitch where they forced us to trim that out!

Click HERE to watch the WILL of Shindig Festival at the Kids of Bath Lockdown Festival!!!!

Please join in and tag us in your photos so we can share them with everyone! Tune in!!! And if you want more they have their very own Shindig at home party next weekend! 15 hours of live streamed mayhem!

The Kids of Bath Lockdown Festival has been organised to raise vital funds for The RUH Forever Friends Appeal and BANES3SG who are both doing incredible things for our community in response to COVID19.

See the full awesome timetable here.

By donating to the Forever Friends Appeal, you’ll help them to fund much-needed food, drink and care packages to sustain the wellbeing of frontline RUH staff during this extraordinary time, and enable a rapid response to the unpredictable and unprecedented demands over the coming months. Please donate here.

Donations to BANES3SG will help them to fund their incredible Compassionate Community Hub, and continue reaching out to the vulnerable and isolated of Bath & North-East Somerset, providing help with food deliveries, medicine, urgent housing, mental health, wellbeing and money matters. Please donate here.