Is this the time for stories?

This is the perfect time for stories. Stories show us how to overcome, to triumph. Even over death.

From Aladdin to Sinbad, genies and flying carpets, you all know the magical stories of the Arabian Nights. But what do you know of the storyteller, the quest for survival, and the vital magic woven by these fantastical yarns? Scheherazade must rely on her wits, skills, and creative flair to build a wondrous world in order to save her life. These tales are full of wishes made real, terror and joy, and magical transformations… but can they change a woman’s fate?

This summer join us as we soar high above the dangerous clamour of the world around us, immersing ourselves in fantastical landscapes where anything is possible. Now in its fourth year, the Theatre School Summer Company presents an urgent and extraordinary look at the power of story and the redemptive powers of empathy.

Arabian Nights is showing the The Egg from 22nd – 25th August, book your tickets here.