In Brief

Located just up the Wellsway on the South side of Bath, Bear Flat is much more than just a destination you may pass through on your way to and from town. Boasting quite possibly one of Bath’s best views of the city from Alexandra Park, there’s a lot more to Bear Flat than meets the eye! This week resident business owner Julia Davey tells us all about the quirks of this gorgeous suburb of Bath…

Things to do:

Explore Poets corner – which comprises of four beautiful avenues (Shakespeare, Milton, Kipling and Longfellow) and play property hunter! Or just be plain nosey!

Try something foodie in many beautiful eateries – there is plenty of space for kids to roam amongst the tables whilst you grab a coffee or lunch at The Bear pub. Also the kids will enjoy hunting down the white bear statue that stands guard above the doorway!

Get fit – be it in the park with one of the many personal trainers who run sessions there throughout the year (yes, there are many hardy Bathonians!) Or at the popular Space Gym which is friendly and welcoming to newbies.

Look out for…

The Bear Flat Bath Artists trail that runs the second bank holiday in May. Not only do you get to explore some of the gorgeous studios in Poet’s corner but the artists are incredibly talented.

Da Vinci’s Cafe – I dare you to leave empty handed. This authentic Italian deli is the heart of Bear Flat (in my humble opinion.) My biscuit tin is always topped up with a trip over there.

The Kids will love

There is a brilliant selection of parks for kids to explore – from the bigger Alexandra Park to our smaller and yet perfectly formed Bloomfield Green which has play equipment, space to run dogs or play football as well as the wonderful two tunnels entrance.

Try one of our kids sessions at the shop – we get all arty with many different materials. Check the website for current offerings! Plus we offer one on one tuition for any age of child so they can build their skill level quickly. This has been particularly popular with those year 9 – GCSE level.

Grown Ups will Love

Menu Gordon Jones is an award winning restaurant on the corner of Bear Flat – you cannot miss it. Art on a plate!

Floral Touch Florists are truly creative  and provide a great go to for our shop arrangements, highly recommended.

Us! Julia Davey! Explore our grown up gift offerings… plenty to ask for with Mother’s Day on the horizon. Plus an array of craft courses, mostly for just a few hours. So you can pop off for a morning or afternoon and try something new but be back for the kids party in the afternoon or go after swimming in the morning. Hope to see you soon!