When lovely Bath mum Lyndsey Henderson asked us for a bit of advice about party dresses we knew exactly the place to send her…

When Kids of Bath put the suggestion out there for a fashion make over at Grace & Ted boutique shop, I did not think twice before saying yes. Having a milestone birthday coming up with several events requiring me to show off my better self, I definitely needed a new outfit. Never before had I entered Grace & Ted but I was intrigued to take a peak and this was the perfect excuse to get a look in.

It was only when the set date was approaching that I started to panic a little and question quite why I had agreed to this; I am not fashion model sized or mind set. I do like clothes, (especially resale ones) and I love good tailoring, tactile fabrics and a curated choice, so actually Grace & Ted was the perfect place to go and a new decade requires a new fashion approach.

Before I went I had thought a designer dress was what I needed and descending the lush spiral stairs a walk in wardrobe opened up full on the most amazing dresses in every colour. They had plenty of options in my size and Emma was on hand to offer options and helpfully provide shoes to go with them. I did love that some of the dresses had stories to with them.

Having tried on so many wonderful gowns I narrowed down the huge choice to 4 items that made me feel fabulous. As I posed in a delightful leopard print dress indecision hit, it would be an investment piece but after several decades of special events I already have my own wardrobe full of dresses I love, did I need another? This was when Emma dropped her first wise words bomb, “If you don’t love it don’t buy it”. It was so true, I really liked it but it was not love and having a friendly voice of reason was oh so helpful.

Emma had picked out for me a silk top in blush pink with a stunning silver lace back by Malene Birger (a dutch designer who creates for woman who value style above all); this was after I told her I love bright colours and have lots of dresses in my favourite. I liked it but it did not seem very dressy on the hanger. Once I slipped it on I felt fancy and Emma helped me to see its potential by offering tips and asking the key question “what would you wear it with?”. I had lots of things it would go with, including the trousers I was wearing and the designer heels that remained on my feet the whole time. It is the perfect day to night outfit and the colour helps my favourite brightly coloured skirt, which I have always had trouble with pairing, shine. To prove its place in my staples wardrobe I put it through the hurdles of life in the fast lane…

Another purchase was made during my Grace & Ted experience. There was one item that I did not want to take off once it was on – the shoes – the most comfortable high heel shoes ever. They are Salvatore Ferragamo and after a quick internet search later that day I see many, many people who know fashion well, state these are one of the most comfortable heels you can buy. Emma advised “always buy Ferragamo if you ever see any” and this is what the Grace & Ted website had to say: ‘Salvatore Ferragamo began creating shoes when he was just 9 years old and studied anatomy to ensure his shoes were not only fashionable but insanely comfortable.” I look forwards to dancing through my next decade and beyond in these!

As I was thanking Emma for her amazing support and saying how easy to wear the shoes were, she dropped her next fashion learning bomb, “People should just buy good shoes!”.

Why go visit Grace & Ted? To buy good shoes! Gorgeous clothes from people who have found the best cuts, fabrics and colours and offer them to you at resale prices with lots of personalised advice. If you don’t like to buy high fashion, clothes that aren’t brand new or have never considered it as something you would enjoy; then think again and go say hello to Emma at Grace & Ted on Kingsmead Square – you might just find something to love and be happily surprised.

Ooooh we do love a happy ending!!! Thank you so much to Emma at Grace & Ted for her expertise (the woman knows what she is talking about!) and also to Lyndsey for sharing her findings! We know where to head if we need an outfit!!