Toys is an online shop supplying fun, creative, easy to use stick on premium chalkboards and whiteboards and accessories. Ideal for homeschooling, revision and office organising. No mess, no stress.

We are two Bath mums providing sticky solutions for today’s busy world of work and play. We have kits for popular activities like mind-mapping, research, revision, timetabling and To-Do’s. Designed in Bath and made in Bristol.
Great & Good
20 Church Street
SN15 2LB
Great & Good offers a curated collection of sustainable, design-led children’s gifts, clothing & toys- all made in Britain. We also stock wonderful British-sourced vintage. We offer free local delivery in Bath and North Wiltshire with no minimum order. Returns can be made directly to Lacock, to avoid return postage costs.

The collection epitomises the best of modern Britain, incorporating pieces from both the ’new school’ of forward-thinking British kids designers alongside vintage treasures. We bring you cutting edge design, world class quality and a healthy dose of fun, humour and eccentricity. By buying from Great & Good, you are supporting the British economy from root to branch.

We only work with brands who manufacture under the highest ethical production standards and support companies at the forefront of the revival in British manufacturing. We are about slow fashion, minimising wastage and maximising satisfaction for both producers and customers.

This year when many people can’t get out to the shops, we want to offer people in Bath and North Wiltshire an option to shop locally and receive quick, COVID-safe deliveries and returns.

Great & Good
Jo & Nic’s Crinkly Cloth Books
1 Primrose Court
BA11 1FN
We are two working mums who design and create crinkly cloth books for babies.

Nursery Times is a uniquely designed crinkly cloth book for babies which is just like a little newspaper. There are 17 great titles in the range. We are selling them in 30 of the best independent retailers in the UK. They are safe, washable, lightweight and a must have new must have for all grown ups. Easy and light to pop in your handbag or pocket for a day out, a great pacifier to have on you. Also makes a great sensory product for special needs children and visual impairment. Our range of titles is gender neutral and there is something for everyone.

01373 673666
Mulberry Cottage
Rock Lane
Kidd & Bear creates and curates designful gifts, playthings and homewares for families who want their homes to remain stylish throughout parenthood.

Kidd & Bear was founded by husband and wife team Andy & Lucy. With their first child on the way and motivated by the lack of designful family focussed furniture and homeware on the market, they set up K&B to design and produce products that stylish families would be proud to display in their homes and perfect gifts for the whole family.

0333 210 1550
My Small World Toys
19-21 St.Lawrence Street
We curate a selection of fantastic toys! sourced for their quality their play-ability and of course must have oodles of fun! We encourage little ones to come on in and have a play with everything on display… and we encourage the grownups to do the same (Not that most need the encouragement of course!)
We aim to find you the perfect gift! we aren’t here to make you buy something totally inappropriate just for a sale, we want you to totally love what your getting and we know the little ones will love it too! And our fabulous team are always on hand to give the best advice on finding you the perfect thing no matter how big or small!

A independent toy store situated in Southgate Bath, We started out many (MANY) moons ago in 2005 when Dawn (The lovely owner) set up My Small World when her children were only 2 and 3 and inspired by a love of traditional wooden quality toys that weren’t easily found here in the UK.
Today Dawn’s children are teenagers but the love for finding classic and fabulous toys remains unchanged and has rubbed off onto our team here at My Small World, We love all things play and aim to make every last person feel special when they come to visit, our guys are on hand to play and advise on finding you the perfect gift each and every time!

So. You’ll find a team ready to help who are handpicked for their sense of humour, total passion for toys, wonderful empathy for parents and grandparents and who really, really love children. Who understand that trying to sign a credit card receipt with a small child under your armpit, a wallet in your mouth and a toddler heading out the door is something only the insane would attempt, so we’ll be there with (literally) a helping hand.

On top of all this the store is stress free – come in and play at will. We’ll never tut or sigh (in fact, we’ll probably join in). Because ultimately the way we know our toys are fantastic is because they are played with vigorously by lots of children every day.

01225 312943
Spotty Herberts
5 Queen Street, Bath
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An Independent shop for children age 0 – 10 years in the centre of Bath.

Find Spotty Herberts the Independent award-winning shop for children right in the centre of town on one of Bath’s oldest cobbled streets.
We sell clothing from 0 to 10 years that children can grow up in, grow out of and hand on and on, unisex clothes chosen for their thoughtful design, singularity and ethical production.
Clothing production is the second largest polluter in the world using more water than any other, apart from agriculture, and is responsible for the unfair working conditions of millions of people.
Spotty Herberts carefully select brands who have the vision to make clothes that children will love to wear without compromising the social and environmental aspects of production.
Alongside our clothes and down low for small hands to rummage we also stock an ever-changing collection of small pocket toys and special treats. Shop independently, shop locally! Discover Spotty Herberts, a shop for children full of fun, silliness and wildness. Now that’s a real ‘Spotty Herbert’.

01225 331834
Time Flies for Kids
We design and make magnetic activity packs for kids which are ideal for travel.

Journeys with kids can often be just that little bit too stressful and we’re here to help. Our magnetic travel activity packs are bursting with brilliant board games and amazing activities. The packs are environmentally friendly and even come with a set of 12 recycled colouring pens.

Yippee adventures
, ,
Design and make children’s activity kits and party bags inspired by awesome adventures children should do before they grow up.

Our bumper themed boxes are perfect for Birthday and Christmas presents or some fun family time. And our mini kits make a great party bag with a difference!

Ready? Steady? Yippee! Let’s adventure!

At Yippee, we believe experiences matter way more than stuff, and our whole ethos is centred around facilitating fun adventures every child should do before they grow-up.

‘I made a rocket! I went on a bug hunt! I was a pirate for a day!’

Designed with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) in mind, we create a range of high-quality activity kits that give the green light for special times with your little adventurer.

• Be a space explorer by making your own planet and constellations!
• Plant, grow and eat your own food!
• Make your own campfire and shadow puppet theatre!
• Create your own castle and peg princess, dragon, king and knight!

Available as:

• Mini Kits: for one super adventurous activity or as unique party bag alternatives.

• Bumper Kit Box: at least three themed activities for a whole ton of play and fun, or for an unforgettable birthday or Christmas gift.

And because we understand how busy life is, we work hard to take the hassle and headache out of things, leaving you to make the most of precious family moments.

Whether you’re looking for unique party bags or themed activity boxes for fun and learning combined – we’re here to help you celebrate the everyday and build memories to last.