Talking Therapies

Ali Binns – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Offers cognitive behavioural therapy to support adults experiencing anxiety, low mood, lack of confidence, phobias

Ali Binns is an accredited therapist working in Bath. She uses evidence-based CBT therapy to support clients who find themselves struggling with emotional problems, and to help them find ways to cope and move towards their valued outcome.

Cognitive behavioural therapy helps you to:
* Play an active role in overcoming emotional difficulties
* Learn more about yourself and others
* Reduce stress
* Improve mood
* Break out of bad habits

You can find out more about how Ali works by clicking on the website link below.
Daniel Kronenberg Clinical Hypnotherapy
The Practice Rooms
26 Upper Borough Walls
Hypnotherapy for children, teenagers and adults to help overcome anxiety, reduce stress, improve confidence, quit smoking, manage weight and more.

Daniel Kronenberg is a highly qualified and experienced therapist working in Bath using hypnotherapy to help support individuals move forward in their lives.

With children he is often asked to help with the following issues:

* Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting)

* Anxiety

* Sleeping Difficulties

* Being Bullied

* Learning and Exams

* Behavioural Problems

* Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Actions

* Encopresis (Soiling underwear or passing faeces in inappropriate places)

* Tics

* Thumb or Finger Sucking

* Nail Biting

* Separation Anxiety


“My daughter’s very first session with Daniel had an astonishingly positive impact. The tools he has since given her to improve her confidence, to help her focus and to manage the anxiety that was building up in GCSE year have completely transformed her state of mind. She’s now tackling the stressful exam period (which she and I were both dreading) with an energy and confidence she simply didn’t have a few weeks ago. I cannot recommend him enough.” Mrs.K. Bath

A free consultation of 30 minutes is offered on the phone or face to face to see if hypnotherapy is the right approach for you or your child.

For more information about Daniel and hypnotherapy take a look at his website listed below.

07472 134824
Off The Record Bath and North East Somerset
Off the Record
Open House Centre
Manvers Street
• LGBT+ support
• Advocacy Shout Out Service
• Youth Forum & Parliament group
• OTR’s In Care Council
• OTR’s Youth Voice group
• Listening Services (Community)
• Listening Services (Schools)
• Ways to Wellbeing (Workshops)
• Parents Workshops

We want every young person in Bath and North East Somerset and beyond to be emotionally healthy, confident and empowered in themselves.

We provide a range of free services including counselling, listening support, youth participation, advocacy and specialist groups, such as a young parents group, support for care leavers and a LGBT+ focused youth group.