Susie Ray Reflexology
Address: Seasons, 10 George Street, Bath
What We Do:
Baby & toddler reflexology workshops, supporting you on your journey – reflexology for fertility, pregnancy & beyond.

Susie qualified as a reflexologist in 2005 and in private practice now supports women and men with fertility issues, women through pregnancy, postnatally and with women’s health issues. Her interest in treating babies and children came before the birth of her first child, wanting to help her own children gave her the desire to empower and teach others to be able to do the same. Classes and appointments in Bath & Frome.

Baby Reflex is a technique that has been designed specifically for babies and toddlers. It was created to assist parents with the wellbeing of their child and to strengthen the loving bond.

Babies and toddlers can benefit from reflexology too. For younger children, it may help with issues concerning feeding and digestion, calming, sleeping or teething. It also offers a way for parents and grandparents to help babies and toddlers naturally.

Gentle and calming for your baby, it helps you to feel confident coping with their needs 24 hours a day. Its aim is to boost the immune system, ease colic, wind, reflux, constipation, tummy upsets, teething pains or ear congestion.

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What We Do:
Children’s Party Supplies Retailer

The one-stop party shop, based in Bath selling a wide range of party supplies.
Party tables and decorations, fun party bags & treats. For all kinds of celebrations and gatherings.
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Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC)
Address: Freedom House, Lower Bristol Road, Bath,
What We Do:
The TRC exists to help children, young people, and their families recovery from trauma through their 4 main projects:
– TRC Therapy Centre
– Oakside Creative Education Centre
– TRC Training Centre
– Treehouse Project (Specialist Recovery for victims of Human Trafficking)

The TRC was founded in Bath in 2011 by Betsy de Thierry, in order to see children recover from trauma.
The TRC employs creative psychotherapists who specialise in the Trauma Recovery approach in order to help children & young people process their trauma and support them as they piece their lives back together until a wholeness can be found.
The parents and carers engage in a Psychoeducation course called ‘Parenting the traumatised child’ which provides therapeutic support, and an understanding of how trauma impacts a child’s brain, with helpful strategies for the home life. This course is based on the book: The Simple Guide to Child Trauma (Betsy de Thierry, 2017).

We hold as a high value our work and support of the parents/carers, and our experience of supporting teachers to form a holistic support service. Oakside Creative Education Centre is a project that has been formed to provide additional support for the most vulnerable children and young people.

We are excited about the interconnectedness of the TRC Therapy centre and Oakside Creative, with the TRC Training Centre providing excellent cutting edge training in trauma recovery.

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