Birthzang Free Antenatal Classes & Workshops

Birthzang Antenatal Classes in Bath
Birthzang Free Antenatal Classes & Workshops
What We Do:
Providing antenatal knowledge & skills training to parents and enabling them to make informed choices about labour and birth.

It is so exciting to be pregnant and yet hugely overwhelming all at once! This free antenatal class will give you a helping in hand in knowing how to start preparing for birth.

Perfect for first-time parents, but also second-timers (or third!) who want to do it differently (and better) this time around; this class covers all the basics so you know what to do next!

As a result of the class you will come out of the room feeling informed, knowledgeable and excited about your birth, and empowered to go forth confidently in your birth preparation journey.


>>What choices you have in your birthing decisions and how to ensure you are making informed choices.
>>Understand what antenatal classes offer you and how that helps you in labour
>>Exactly how dads can be supportive and helpful (and not just feel like a spare part)
>>Q&A – ask anything at all about pregnancy, labour & birth

In addition to this, you will get a BIRTH PREPARATION CHECKLIST so you have a clear plan of what to do next after the antenatal class to help you prepare for an awesome birth!

This antenatal class is for parents who are feeling a bit overwhelmed about labour and birth and just feel as if you know nothing at all about what to expect or how to prepare.

You have maybe started doing some research already and have felt swamped by masses of inconsistent information online using unfamiliar words and jargon.

What you really want is just to know where to start, what your options are and where to find unbiased and useful information.

You want to be able to ask all the silly questions that have been going through your head but have no-one to ask.

You want to have a clear idea about what you want so you can start to prepare for it.

You want to feel confident about the questions you have, and knowledgeable about how to get them answered.

But most of all you want to feel excited and prepared!

Feel INFORMED about the choices available to you
Get an overview of antenatal principles and why it is essential to know them
Take away practical knowledge & skills that will help you in labour
A sense of engagement with the birth, and encouragement that it can be a positive experience
A plan of action of what to do next

Relaxed & reassured
More prepared
Excited & brave
Educated & Empowered
Inspired & intuitive
Calm & confident
Raring to get ready for birth!

NB, LOCATIONS include: Frome, Bradford-on-Avon, Midsomer Norton, Warminster, Westbury, Trowbridge and Bath. For full list of what’s on where and when please click on ticket link to choose the best date and place to suit you.

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