Madeleine Woolgar: Mums Who Thrive

Madeleine Woolgar: Mums Who Thrive
Madeleine Woolgar: Mums Who Thrive
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Elevating busy mums from burnt-out to revitalised

Real talk: you are doing everything you can to raise your child, and take care of your family – and you’re exhausted. No matter how much you do, there is more to do, and it makes you feel like nothing you do will ever feel like enough. As much as you strive to look like the put-together parent you feel you’re meant to be, inside you want to curl into an exhausted heap.

I call it parent burn-out. And you’re not alone.

Sure, you get to vent with your friends about how you’re tired, or how your spouse didn’t do the dishes, but that doesn’t make you feel better for long. And that makes you wonder – “Is parenting meant to feel this hard?” “Am I going to mess my kid up?” “Is this really the best parent I can be?”

Feeling this doubt and concern is NOT a sign that something is wrong with you. It’s a sign that you are being called to parent in a different way. In a way that no longer sacrifices your joy or spirit to take care of others.

Let me show you how through my unique and personalised coaching for mums.

I am passionate about helping mums make taking care of themselves a doable thing in their busy-day-to-day so that they are happier, clearer and energised – and they have more to give to those around them.

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