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I’m a personal trainer, nutritionist and mum of three

Hilton Health exists because I want to prevent other people from facing the struggles that I did.

I was that person who spent hours in the gym without seeing the scales go down. I was that person who tried every diet out there, but didn’t find one that truly helped me lose weight. I was the person who ended up with such an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise that I ended up with an eating disorder.

Once I’d got a handle on that, and finally figured out what would work to help me lose weight, and where I had been going wrong, I decided to qualify as a personal trainer and nutritionist. I wanted to do what I could to prevent other people from going down the horrendous path that I did. A path that was most definitely not helped by all the conflicting information out there, which has only become worse since the internet became a part of our lives.

Exercise is as important for me mentally as it is physically, probably more so since I became a mum. It’s that hour of the day that’s mine, in which I only have to focus on what my body is doing and can try to forget everything else going on in life. As such it has really helped me deal with the difficulties I have faced in my own life.

I now love knowing that I help other people create time in their own lives to just focus on them, in which they can forget about any difficulties that they might currently be facing.

To me exercise is about so much more than losing weight and building bigger muscles, although those are very welcome side-effects.

If you would like me to help you become the best version of you, please get in touch.

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Foxcombe House, 38 Crocombe, Timsbury
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