This week our amazing Kids of Bath friend Lyndsey Henderson tells us about the perfect gift for her creative daughter! And it’s definitely something we want to try too! 

We have too much stuff, everywhere and for everything! So for 2020 when my child’s birthday was looming and the usual requests from grandparents come in for what to gift to cherished child, I vowed to try and do it differently this year.

“Gift an experience that lasts a lifetime” is what the internet says when doing a search for: what to get an 8 year old, that is not made of plastic and shipped half way around the world, as your search criteria.

We like art. We like to be creative. We hate the shop bought kits that hand you all the creativeness in a plastic encased tomb. We have done a lot of free and paid for art experiences around the Bath area over the years; we are lucky to live in a vibrant city full of creatives looking to share their time and passions with us. Thank you Bath creatives.

Some of the workshops have been enjoyed and other not so much but our lives are enriched for trying them. The one that the Small always comes back wanting more of, is pottery. It is messy, fun and lets your imagination run in 3D.

The one experience requested that I struggled to find on offer for a child was to use a potters wheel to craft your own bowl. A quick request to Kids of Bath ladies and I was pointed towards the welcoming door of Sanity Studios. A handy link was whizzed over to Grandma and before we knew it a session had been booked.

Yes, it is not cheap, this was a special occasion gift that I wasn’t paying for so I was happy to splash out. The Small got to make several pots and when it got tricky Isobel was there to realign and join in with the merry mess making, turning clay lumps in something amazing. It was very much enjoyed by the birthday girl and creativity was flowing freely.

The follow up decorating session was greatly anticipated with many pattern plans and decorating choices being discussed for days in advance – we were getting our moneys worth from the whole experience. The decoration session did not disappoint. Moose the pottery dog was on good form, the wheel was enhanced with a banding wheel – new word for us novices. And the colours flew off the brushes as magic was spun.

The end result is yet to be reveal but art is in the process and gosh we had fun giving it a go. If you wanna throw a pot go take a look at what Sanity Studios have on offer or look out for Isobel out and about across Bath giving her creative all to free community based workshops bring joy in abundance.