Is this the cutest canine EVER? We love him, and can’t wait to craft our own using Kate Woods easy peasy instructions! Thank you Kate! 

I have a confession to make! This craft was pretty much to keep my girls quiet, they have constantly been asking me over and over again – ‘when can we get a dog!’  Here’s my substitute! It kept them quiet for a bit!

You will need:

  • Loo Roll
  • White Paint
  • Black Pen
  • Grey cardboard
  • Blue card
  • Pom pom 
  • Scissors


  1. Paint your loo roll (wait for it to dry)
  2. Using your scissors, cut 2 slits, one on each end of the loo roll.
  3. Draw on your grey card, the dogs head, ears, tail and 4 legs.
  4. Cut these out.
  5. Stick the 4 legs onto the loo roll
  6. Draw a face onto the dogs head and slide these into one of the slits in the loo roll (do the same for the tail)
  7. Finally using your blue card, cut out a party hat, stick your pom-pom on and add to the dogs head.
  8. I added black spots but you can make it whatever dog you like!