A quick Christmas decoration, a little something to make whilst watching your favourite Christmas movie!

You will need:

Brown paper

Red paper

Green paper

Yellow paper


Glue stick

Red Pompom


Are you ready?!!

  1. Draw round a small cup 8 times onto your brown paper
  2. Cut out the 8 circles and fold in half
  3. Draw out a little tail for your robin using the brown paper and cut out
  4. Draw out legs and beak using your yellow paper and cut out
  5. Glue all your eight circle halves together so it makes a circle and pop in a folded thread in the middle.
  6. Finally glue your beak and legs in place.
  7. Using the red paper draw a circle using the same cup, cut out, fold in half and then fold into quarters.
  8. Cut 2 quarters of the red circle and glue to the breast of the robin.
  9. Finally add your red pompom and cut out a small holly leaf using your green paper.
  10. Pop on your Christmas tree, fa la la la la la la la la!!