The gorgeous Erica of Studio 37 talks us through her top tips for looking after your mind, body and soul…

You’ve probably seen the term self care banded about on instagram. #selfcareisntselfish has taken off with more and more people thinking about our down time and there is a really important reason why.

Without rest our bodies can’t repair and grow and without some self care our mental health becomes all about firefighting and dealing with life in the moment. Even when thing are going well we need time to sit back, take stock and truly look after ourselves…these are my top five self care tips for keeping a healthy mind as well as a healthy body:

  1. Take time for you everyday: whether it’s coffee in your favourite cafe, a long hot uninterrupted bath (Mamas you know!), or half an hour with a magazine or book schedule it in every day!
  2. Journaling: be positive daily. I am a HUGE fan of the Bath based The Positive Planner which encourages you to think about the day ahead and to reflect on your day at the end. It is so easy to get to the end of a tough day and to dwell on the negatives but even the simple act of listing three things that you did well can totally change how you end the day and how you view your own achievements…however small they are they are worth celebrating.
  3. Eat well but treat well too: if you spend your life denying yourself the things you love what can start out as well intentioned can become a joyless existence. so if you love cake, make sure you don’t always deny yourself.
  4. Dance...In our house we have Breakfast Disco every morning! Get the tunes on loud, dance like no one is watching and feel the smile spread across your face!
  5. Get outside: Increasing studies show what incredible benefits getting outside can have on our mental health so try to make time to make like the trees and leaf (?!) the office for half an hour at lunchtime. Take the dog for a long walk after the school drop off or simply sit in a local park and take five.