Our brilliant fitness queen, Erica, owner of Studio 37, lists her top 5 evidence-based health & fitness experts to follow on social…

The health and fitness world is full of opinions. There are diets, lifestyle proponents and any number of fitness fanatics out there influencing our every move, often without any qualifications or evidence to back up their claims. The great news is that in amongst them here are a few gems attempting to cut through the noise and provide some evidence based knowledge in health and fitness.

These are my top five to follow:


Junior doctor, personal trainer and advocate of evidence based lifestyle choices, Dr Hazel Wallace cuts through the waffle and looks at evidence based studies to inform her health advice. She is part of a new breed of medics looking to expand their knowledge on nutrition to better serve their patients and her books are full of recipes, tips and evidence to make sure you stay fit and healthy.


Dr Megan Rossi is a nutritionist who cuts through the crap to give you the best, evidence based advice for good gut health without needing to load your shelves with supplements and gimmicks.


Dr Rupi Ajula is another one of the new breed of medics wanting to pursue more of a lifestyle approach to medicine. In a system that is geared up to fix, Rupi is looking at the preventative lifestyle choices we can make to prevent disease and is cooking up a storm with his amazing recipes.


If you like your influencers straight talking and full to the brim with knowledge then Martin is your man. Martin and Mac Nutrition University, his learning platform for anyone wanting to further their knowledge of nutrition, are making massive waves due to his no nonsense approach and his willingness to call out the BS in an industry that is full of it.


Hollie is a stippler for technique and as a PT and Pilates instructor she knows her stuff. Using the hashtag #athleticsnotaesthetics she believes that diets can do one and her feed is full of body positivity, technique notes for some common exercises we all get wrong and the biggest most joyful smile you’ll ever see!