Look at these gorgeous little loo roll people! Thank you so much Kate Woods! If you make these little cardboard dudes, please send us a pic. We’d love to see! 

Ahh the loo roll , the unsung hero of the craft world. We all have them and it is something that for some reason I seem to keep and never recycle. Maybe it’s because I think about the stuff I can make with them and will keep my kids entertained for a few hours.

How about trying to make these? Princess Lou, who never wants to cut her hair and would much prefer to ride her pet dragon than carry out her royal duties or perhaps you would like to make her Dad, King Louis who also has a slight obsession with his hair and likes to curl it every night.  But if neither of these takes your fancy there is always Batman, no words needed for this crime fighting hero.


You will need:

  • Yellow Paper
  • Purple Paper
  • Green Paper
  • Dark Pink Paper
  • Light Pink Paper
  • Gold Glitter Paper
  • Loo roll (of course)
  • Glue stick
  • Permanent Marker (black)
  • I did use a pink pencil for her rosy cheeks
  • Scissors
  1. Cut out a strip of dark pink paper roughly 6cm x 16cm
  2. Cut a little v shape on the top edge of the paper (this is the front of her dress) I scalloped the bottom of the paper as well. I added a little strip of light pink paper and glued it behind (it looks a bit like her petticoat). Glue onto the loo roll.
  3. Cut 11 strips of yellow paper roughly 1cm x 15cm ( this is her lovely long hair) and then cut a slightly thicker strip of yellow paper 2cm x 16cm (this is her fringe, with some scissors cut some little v’s at an angle)
  4. Glue her fringe first around the top of the loo roll, and then add all of the long yellow strip’s around to complete her marvellous head of hair!
  5. Cut out your flowers using the pink, purple and green card and glue into place.
  6. Cut out the crown roughly 2.5cm x 2.5cm and then glue into place
  7. Finally draw on her happy face (and her freckles…love the freckles!)
  8. Top Tip – to curl her lovely yellow hair simple press the paper against the blade of your scissors and run the paper gentle along (it’s just like that curly ribbon you get at christmas)

KING LOUIS (I would start off with King Louis he is nice and easy to make)

  • Orange Paper
  • Gold Paper
  • Patterned Paper
  • Permanent Marker (Black)
  • Tiny pink pom pom
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Loo Roll
  1. Cut out a strip of patterned paper roughly 6cm x 16cm and glue around the loo roll
  2. Using the orange paper cut out a 8cm x 8cm square and then using your scissors cut 6cm up from the bottom (and then curl with scissors) Glue into place roughly 3ish cm down from the top of the roll.
  3. Cut 4 strips of orange paper 1cm x 9cm curl with scissors and then glue in place (these are King Louis’ sideburns)
  4. Cut a strip of glitter paper 3.5cm x 16cm and then cut into a crown, glue in place.
  5. Finally drawn on his face and pop on his cute pom-pom nose.

BATMAN (this is a bit tricky, you may need an adult to help)

  • Black Paper
  • Yellow Paper
  • Blue Paper
  • Permanent Marker (Black)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  1. Cut a strip of blue paper 7.5cm x 16cm and glue into place
  2. Cut a strip of yellow paper 1cm x 16cm and glue into place (this is his belt)
  3. Cut a small triangle of black paper and glue in place ( these are his crime fighting pants)
  4. Cut a strip of black paper 3 cm x 16cm . I would then draw in the middle of the strip his mask and bat ears and then cut out and glue in place.
  5. Cut out 2 small ovals of yellow paper and glue in place on the mask (these are his eyes)
  6. Cut out some more black card 8cm x 15cm and cut at a slight angle from the bottom to the top (this is his cloak)
  7. Then using a small piece of black card , cut out the batman logo and glue in place.
  8. Finally draw on his chiselled blue steel mouth and you are done, ready to rid Bath of it’s evil villains!