In need of some pearls of wisdom? Well read on because the lovely ladies Charlotte and Claire from BYM Fitness (formerly Bath Yummy Mummies) have bestowed upon us their 10 top tips for a more positive outlook this Winter!

  1. A gratitude diary. List 10 things about the day that either made you smile or feel grateful. Write them down without fail before you go to sleep. You will wake up much more positive.
  2. Exercise mindfulness. It will help you acknowledge and be proud of where you are now, rather than where you used to be or where you want to be.
  3. Remove scales from your house. They are not an indication of how you look or feel and never represent the bigger picture.
  4. Be kind to yourself. Try only saying positive things about your body. It’s hard but will help to get you to see the positives rather than the negatives that we are more likely to be drawn to.
  5. Eat to nourish rather than punish your body. Give your wonderful body the nutrients it needs to feel healthy.
  6. Didn’t Work Out?  If you skip a workout or make an unhealthy food choice don’t worry! It’s life! You don’t have to start again, you just continue where you left off. The moment’s passed. Move on.
  7. Brain food. Help your positive thoughts by giving your brain the nutrients it needs, a fish oil and multi vitamins containing selenium and manganese should be taken daily.
  8. Know your triggers. Avoid things which can make you doubt yourself or lower your mood. Think about how you can avoid them altogether. Prioritise yourself.
  9. Time out. The act of putting ourselves first can actually release feel good hormones and reduce stress.
  10. Limit Screen Time. Not only does it encourage us to compare ourselves unrealistically to others, it stops us being in the present moment, affects sleep, mood and brain activity.

Well, that certainly has inspired us! Thanks girls!! 

BYM Fitness is exclusively a ladies only gym situated in Lansdown. They have lots of fab classes available and offer personal, group and pre and postnatal training. Also (which is always a bonus!) Babies and infants in prams and buggies are always welcome! For more information head on over to their website: