Here at Kids of Bath HQ we are simply in love with the following exercise from Sal, the gorgeous creator of ‘Mindful Kin‘ a company which focuses on promoting mindfulness for children and families. This simple exercise that she has written for us is great for younger ones and can be done at any time of day!

Practising slow, deep breathing is a great way to help children to tune in to their bodies. It has a wonderfully calming effect!

Here’s one of our favourite breathing exercises:

  1. Lie down and put a teddy on your tummy.
  2. Watch it rise and fall as you breathe in and out.
  3. Try to make the teddy move more slowly.

Questions to ask your child:

How did you make the teddy move up?

How did you make the teddy move down?

How did you make the teddy move more slowly?

Sal has drawn on her experience as a primary school teacher plus her own practice to create all the amazing exercises that she shares with us. Find out more about her mindfulness activity cards (which is how we got hooked on her!) here