Let’s talk sustainable fashion with our gorge collab Kate of Spotty Herberts

OK, hands up who has a stash of neatly folded small clothes they can’t bear to part with? You know, the secret hoard of little things that you’ve squirrelled away in the loft, under the bed, on top of the wardrobe, at the back of the linen cupboard? It can’t only be me that gets ridiculously attached to the everyday wardrobe of my ever-growing kids?

My customers often say, “I love it, I’d love to buy it, but they grow so fast don’t they, it just won’t last that long.” Now, I’m not so sure about this. Recently I posted on Instagram about a little pile of clothes I was handing on to a dear friend and customer; two t-shirts aged 5-6 and a knit, 7-8. I’d done some serious persuasion to get my youngest to agree to let them go and – I’ll be honest – I had to have a word with myself too. My youngest is 10. One tee had been worn by both kids, all well-used, much-loved but we had to admit, now outgrown. It was tough to let them go. They’d seen some action, all sorts of trials and tribulations over their five years of wear. Five years! OK, so the sleeves had become a little short, they were now a skinnier fit but until very recently all served their purpose and looked mighty fine. I washed them for the final time, ironed them lovingly and folded them up. So many memories in that little pressed pile, how could I give them away? Ridiculous isn’t it!!?

But, they went to a loving new home, to a super-cool dude and his little brother who will test them once more to the limit! Brilliant. All pieces were by Tootsa, a small British unisex brand we stock for boys and girls, ethically produced, organic cotton, wonderful quality.

We sell clothes that last and last. Clothes that wash and wear beautifully, for your kids to be kids, to hand on and on. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll cling to a few select pieces because you can’t bear to let them go, because they’re that good, full of memories, clean as a whistle and fit for the next generation.

We always recommend you buy less, choose well and make them last. Give your kids clothes produced by brands with a conscience, who pay their makers fairly and keep environmental impact top of their list.

They’ll be loved and admired and will serve you well – you might be surprised at how long they last!

Fully converted. Thank you Kate for your pearls of wisdom! If you’d like to take a dip into Kate’s shop ‘Spotty Herberts‘ then you can find it nestled in the cobbled street of Queens Street… great for all things fun, we love visiting there!